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Innovation Since 1986

Avşarlar Group started its commercial activities in 1986. Our first company, founded by Gazi and Ender Kökavşar, is Avşarlar Durable Consumption Limited Company. It has served in the White Goods sector with the "beko" brand for more than 20 years and has been involved in the construction sector since its establishment, has undertaken important projects and continues to develop new projects.

•Awarded as one of Turkey's most successful retail companies in the Furniture Industry in 2022-2023. (With the brands DOĞTAŞ, KELEBEK, İSTİKBAL, ALFEMO)

•Avşarlar Group. While developing innovative projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Software), in the energy sector, it has established environmentally friendly electric vehicle charging stations in cooperation with the ZES brand.

In the tourism and hotel management sector, Avşarlar Group has implemented the LOS Suites project, which combines home comfort with luxury in Konyaaltı, the heart of Antalya, and has become an AirBnb partner.

In the furniture industry, it cooperates with reputable brands such as DOĞTAŞ, İSTİKBAL, KELEBEK, ALFEMO, LOVA YATAK, İŞBİR YATAK and offers products that prioritize quality and aesthetics.

Avşarlar Group continues to make a name for itself in the local market with its innovative approaches and sustainable business models. The company is committed to continuing its commitment to excellence and innovation in all its endeavors.

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